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Marie Segal 2006

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Kemper Tools Cernit Jacquard Products Artistic Wire Artistic Wire Makin's Clay and Tools
PATTERN CUTTERS CERNIT 500 GRAM Sizes Pearlex Powders 1/2-3/4oz Regular colors Silver colors Makin's Clay
Kemper Tools Page 1 CERNIT Regular Colors Pearlex Powders 3 gram Regular colors 10 gauge Silver colors 18 gauge Makin's Tools
Kemper Tools Page 2 CERNIT Translucent Colors Pearlex 4 Ounce Regular colors 12 gauge Silver colors 20 gauge Makin's Clay Cutter Tin Sets
Kemper Tools Page 3 CERNIT Shiny Colors Pearlex Powders 1 pound Regular colors 14 gauge Silver colors 22 gauge Makin's Professional Tools
Kemper Tools Page 4 CERNIT Glamour Pearlex Varnish/Gum Arabic Regular colors 16 gauge Silver colors 24 gauge Makin's Clay cutter Sets
Kemper Tools Page 5 CERNIT Nature Colors Dye-Na Flow Regular colors 18 gauge Silver colors 26 gauge Makin's Texture Sheets
Kemper Tools Page 6 CERNIT Neon Colors Lumiere Regular colors 20 gauge Silver colors 28 gauge Makin's Push Molds
Kemper Tools Page 7 Cernit Texture Maps Neopaque Regular colors 22 gauge Artistic Wire tools
Kemper Tools Page 8 NEW Metallic Cernit Colors Air Brush Colors Regular colors 24 gauge Artistic Wire Kits Discontinued Items
Kemper Tools Page 9 NEW CERNIT Opaline Colors Pinata Inks Regular colors 26 gauge Artistic Wire Swirls/Beads
Gloss and Matte Varnish Cernit Glue Cernit Magic MixCernit Glass Finish Dye-Na Flow Regular colors 28 gauge
Marie Segal's Favorite Tools Cotton / Silk paper for InkJet printers Contact/Order Discontinued sculpey Products
Marie Segal's Production Treasures ! Cernit Stainless Steel Roller and Ball Tool Transfer Paper Tie-Dye Kit CFC/PREMO *
Marie Segal's Production Treasures 1 Marie Segal's Production Treasures 2 ExtravOrganza Paper

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